Sport and recreation

On land, at sea and in the air - there is a great variety of things to do, and very close by too.


Do you wish to spend a quiet day playing golf? Or do you fancy a beginner's session on the pitch & putt course? It is all a stone’s throw away.

And for the more active and dynamic, you will find opportunities to play paintball or go canyoning, abseiling, karting, canoeing, scuba diving... even sailing!

If bikes and cycling are your thing, we offer routes very close by (marked by WIKILOC), along with extensive information. And remember that we will lend you the bicycles, we have them in all sizes and even with child seats.

If your children ask for kids' attractions, there are some nearby. There’s an animal park, and a water park, all just a few miles away.

If you fancy seeing everything from the air, we recommend a flight in a hot air balloon. You can experience a wind tunnel, or there are parachute jumps for the more daring.

For fans of old cars or the cinema, we recommend some very interesting museums. On the other hand, if you like the world of wine, the wine country - the Empordà region - is very close by, where you will be able to go on visits and tastings. Wine tourism is within easy reach!

And at night, if you feel like trying your luck, there is a casino located in a spectacular castle. Also there is a good selection of festivals and musical performances in the open air.

Request information on all these activities at the hotel reception desk!