About us

The history of La Sausa is that of a family related to the hotel industry since over half a century. It all started back in 1950, when “Hostal de la Creu” is first opened. Some years later, the motorway construction forces it to disappear. Therefore, in 1963 La Sausa opens its doors in the same place as now. Since the implementation of electrical power by the middle sixties and until present, La Sausa has experienced constant growth and improvement: two new rooms (1975 and 1979), the attached building designed as a hotel (1986), two restorations and kitchen improvements, three renovations of the bar (the last of which on 1991), the wastewater purification machine (1999) and the in-depth improvement of the rooms (2004).

On the last twenty years, the built area has grown from the initial 200 m2 to more than 3,000. This, in addition to the swimming pool, the sports area and the parking lot, with more than 4,000 m2, etc.